Cradle, Cross and Crown

I've been climbing up this mountain
trying to make it to the top
I'm gonna' keep on climbing friends
Nothing's gonna' make me stop

I'm getting closer day by day
to what I'm longing for
My mansion is over in glory land
standing with an open door

I met the Savior in Bethlehem
many long years ago
I've been traveling on and on
Though sometimes weary and slow

Then I found my way to the cross
Saw Jesus hanging there
Paying the debt for all my sins
and the price for my mansion fair

I saw them lay Him in the tomb
Then I saw Him rise again
But death could not hold Him down
And it won't hold me my friend

My steps are slow and faltering
But the top is now in view
With only one more mile to go
And there I'll wait for you

I can see Jesus wearing a crown
King of King upon the throne
I see His smile as he says to me,
'Child, you made it safely home'

Yolanda Cohen 2007



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