~ Crazy Or Just Plain Nuts ~

Have you wanted to cry, but laughed instead
Or wanted to pull your hair, right out of your head!
Or scream out loud, at the top of your lungs
Are you going crazy, or are you just high strung?

Have you ever wanted, a pool indoors
Only to find, there's water all over your floors!
Everything is ruined, and in such a mess
All the stuff you had, you now have less!

Your computer crashed, for the third time
You're beginning to teeter, on that fine line!
But things aren't over, there's more to come
You wonder if, you'll ever have fun!

A relative dies, and now you're blue
You can't understand, and you don't have a clue!
What seems to be happening, what's really going on
Everything is screwed up, everything is wrong!

You're laughing hysterically, there's tears in your eyes
Everybody is staring, and whispering "why!"
They say you need help, that you should rest
A mental hospital, is what they suggest!

You laugh even louder, when your coffee pot breaks
That's just one more thing, you have to take!
The doorbell rings, the men in white coats are here
You're laughing so hard, they look at you in fear!

But off you go, they're taking you away
Laughing hysterically, they've made your day!
No more worries, no more tears
I'll see you all, in a couple of years!


Chee Chee Martin 2006

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