~ Creation at Conception ~

I know life is made at conception
How complicated is that for us to get?
When I see a tiny baby born so early
In length, just inches, so fragile yet

Little fingers no bigger then toothpicks
Little toes just nubs on the skin
Such beauty, so Iridescent
A blessing from God, in the wind

To think that life is taken for granted
And abortions just sweep through our land
Those little ones feel pain, and agony
When swept away by our own selfish hand

Tiny features no bigger then fairies
The only thing missing are their Angel Wings
When born so small, for life they are fighting
As God knows the blessings, to earth, they'll bring

Never doubt for a minute life's beginnings
A child's life starts right away, when they're made
Do not be fooled by the laws of society
Keep your child, and God will show you the way

Debbie Looney 07/02/2006

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