Creepy Crawl

Over in a corner in a
web on the wall
lives a little spider
I named Creepy Crawl

She stays in her web all the time
I've never found her not at home
She never ever has a friend
Just hangs out in her web alone

Once in a while we see
An insect flying near
She darts out very quickly
makes that bug disappear

I've thought at times to step on her
And clean that corner out
But she's become so friendly
I just leave her hang about

As long as I can see her
From the corner of my eye
As I go about that room
I wont bother her, no reason why

Now if she ever crawls
To my side of the room
I'm sure she'll be in danger
I'll smash her with the broom

Betty Hill 2004

For the java version of the poem click here.

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