There's a bridge of life a little heart must cross
It spans a raging flow,
That bubbles and churns over jagged rocks
Oft times high or sometimes low.

Gingerly she takes her first steps
Not feeling very bold,
It seems to be strong and stable so she walks on
In hopes, that it will hold.

Oh, where will this great crossing take her
What will the future days unfold,
Friendships, adventure, fame and glory
Riches of pure gold.

Will life smile sweet, down on her heart
Delightful romance, sad tragedy send
As she twirls her little feet
How will the story end.

Wonder lies ahead through open doors of hope
Hidden aptitude to nurture,
Tender love within the soul to open
Unfurling promise of a blessed future.

She picks a rose while passing through
Softly touching it's sweet fragrance to her soul,
Her heart full of expectations
Of hopes that have been told.

Musing on flight in a dream
How will she fly on angels wings,
To bring joy into the world
Make a difference to the sway of things.

Let her play now while she can
Too soon the worries will weigh down,
May she practice dancing in the softness she sees
While she hears such pretty sound.

Show her the wonders that surround her
With tender touch of angel kiss,
Will she find soon enough
That all will not be bliss.

Some friends will only seek to care
While others play hard to hurt and abuse,
Some will bring happy laughter and joy
But others will lash out to bruise.

The harshness of life will push her stumbling
Close to the dangerous edge,
Then if all becomes peaceful again
She'll pull away from the scary ledge.

What darkness is down there to avoid
Not something she wants to see,
Life can hold too much to bear
Can't she dance all fancy free.

A myriad of abilities will be mastered
Adventure into diverse things,
So the crossing will be more enjoyable
For the light relief it brings.

Times will come when life is a whirl
Bridge building on unstable wood,
Putting down deep foundations
The desire for coming days to be good.

A direction will be taken to follow
Decisions for life's course,
Steps will go down a chosen path
Untold guidance forming choice.

Days will pass just blowing in the wind
Time will not stand still,
Waters will pass under the bridge
Everyday memory will be filled.

Lives will be touched and nurtured
Losses will be endured and grieved,
The heart full of experiences
What of herself to leave.

Does she have to grow older
Why can't she stay young with youthful bloom,
Prevent age ravaging her down
Weaving character folds on life's loom.

Where, oh where, is security to be found
So the beautiful smile will stay forever in her heart,
How can the dove of peace remain
So her soul will not be torn apart.

For across the other side she sees
Two paths that lead in different ways,
One goes back to that darkness
The other leads up, to sunshine rays.

Will she know where these paths divide
One for eternal joy to know,
The other to be broken down, alone below
Where no precious heart should ever go.

How will she safely make the crossing
Her eyes always lifted to the guiding light,
To arrive safely on the other side
Without falling in the night.

Set in the bridge is an open cross with arms held wide
She can stoop down to pass within,
To leave all her heartbreaks with Jesus
Be freed of all her sin.

True release will open up her heart
With the glow of eternal love,
To belong to a forever family
And know her Father up above.

Though the cygnet may have felt rejected
Pushed aside, neglected,
Now all her hopes of life will be realized
For her future is protected.

She will rise on angels wings
Pure as a snow white dove to fly,
A princess fashioned for a wondrous kingdom
To reign with her Savior on high.

Kept secure by His power, she will cross the bridge
Nevermore alone,
He will be, everything that she needs
To take her safely home.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems

© 2003 used with permission

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