Cupid's Arrow

Cupid, You are a friend of mine
So let your arrow fly,
Please send me a sign.
So no longer, will I cry.

Cupid's Arrow touch my heart.
Find the one for me,
Give me a brand new start.
Forever, let our love be.

Send your arrow through the heart,
So hard, tender sparks will fly.
For your arrow will become a part.
Of a love, flying so very high.

Cupid, Cupid come today!
Reveal at last the one for me...
For in love I want to stay.
Show me love, that I can see.

Send me a tender glance.
A simple loving touch.
Give me the chance.
I miss it so much.

Cupid's arrow touch our hearts.
So strong, our love will not sever.
From this love we will not part.
And we'll want to stay forever...

Diane M. Lamphere/Mandi Starr  1/7/2006

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