~ Cutest Li'l Scarecrow ~

You're the cutest li'l scarecrow
The best I ever had
You wave your friendly hand at me
I wave to you right back

You give me a li'l wink
Grinning, I'll wink back to you today
You kick up your heels for fun
Yeehaa, I'll tap my feet from far away

If I was a li'l lonesome birdie
Then your shoulder I'd always find
For you never could be scarey
Not even if you tried

Your georgous smile just brings me
Closer, to ever stay
With your arms spread wide in welcome
I'm drawn to your love today

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

You are so blessed within/without
and I have the blessing of God
 to share you, even on this side of Heaven


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