~ Cycles ~

Summer's slowing ending
is slipping from sight
stealing our warmth
from dawn's early light

seasons change quickly
some gentle, some bold
Fall makes an entrance
with cough, runny nose

crayola leaves
red, yellow, brown
waltz in bright aprons
circle front lawn

birds flying South
melodies hushed
flowers asleep
'neath blankets of rust

squirrels kept busy
gathering up food
reflections of Winter
arriving too soon

trees at attention
awaiting first snow
shivering oaks
in nightie of gold
a deafening silence
hugging the night
suzie arrives
her garments pure white

roadways 'n sidewalks
show mirrored displays
mountains wear snowcaps
skiers at play

fireplace glowing
warm cocoa in hand
whispering pines
echo 'cross land

laughter of children
as springtime arrives
playgrounds 'n picnics
carousel rides

moods finding balance
within nature's song
cycles of life
each season reborn

2008 Rose Marie Streeter



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