~ Daddy & Me ~
by Grandma Tarrant

I heard those three words “Hey Little Fellow”
Oh - his voice was so warm & very mellow
I raised my newborn hand towards him
to grasp all the love he held within

At that brief moment & passing of time
I knew that you would always be mine
You held my small hand & talked to me
A strong future bond had already been made

You brought me home just one day old
to meet my family & friends I’m told
There was much we learned in the days ahead
The diapers & feedings & arranging my bed

No matter the time through the day or night
You rocked me & held me with gentle delight
You gave me the love I needed for growth
You gave me your heart that enriched my whole soul

You have worked really hard & long after dark
with me & college & your full time job
You make real sure I stay healthy & well
reminding me daily fruits & veggies are swell

When you’re not working as most daddies do
we travel the roads & we sing many tunes
There’s serious baseball, fishing & golf
the Frisbee & airplane & blowing bubbles that pop!

I’ve heard your voice ring out with praise,
I listen when you discipline
Yes - You’ve held my hand, read books to me
as I sit upon your caring knee

Your guidance is made with a gentle hand
What else could be expected of my EMT Dad
You have taught me well these past three years
& I bless you each night in my little boy prayers

I love you my Daddy as you’ve always loved me
You are my anchor when the storms rage at sea
There will always be rainbows in our future days
& even some tears to be brushed from our face

Oh - your smile is so tender when my eyes shine with glee
to see a bright butterfly land on our tree
Yes - I love you my Daddy as you’ve always loved me
So may the blessings from heaven always shine upon thee.

© by Cindy Tarrant
(Torry's Mom and Garrett's Grandma)
August 16, 1996
 For Garrett Lynn Tarrant
 With Love to Daddy

 In Loving Memory of Father and Son

Torry Lynn Tarrant

December 5, 1972 - July 5, 2000

Garrett Lynn Tarrant
December 2, 1992 - July 5, 2000

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

~ Drunk Driver ~
by Pat Tarrant
With love and dedication to my
beloved brother Torry &
precious nephew Garrett Tarrant

I know you better then you know me
I who always drove sober as could be
An EMT that you often called a jerk
Who pulled your victims out of a wreck

I know you as the causer of loss
and the bringer of tears for the lost
The belligerent that is never understood
or the quiet one drinking in the mood

On this night, I know you even better
In this bloody crash, I can only lay here
Knowing my son and I are dying
On angel’s wings we soon will be flying

It is with a saddened soul and heart
to know where this tragedy took its start
Drinking just one more beer at the bar
Making the wrong choice to get in a car

Now I stand beside all my family members
While they relive all the pain they remember
In the hopes that you will only drive sober
For I know you as...The Drunk Driver

© 2003 by Pat Tarrant
used with permission

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

~ Wedding Angels ~
by Karen Niemeyer
July 8, 2000

Our son's best friend is not physically present today,
July 4th the family was on their way.
A Drunk also on the road,
Is why this story is being told.

Torry and son Garrett had no chance,
Now with other angels they dance.
Torry so looked forward to this day,
We know the Lord will make him present in his own way.

Garrett's eyes always twinkled bright,
Like in the candles lit tonight.
Travis and Courtney, he adored and loved,
I feel Garrett now would say, softly like a dove.

Travis my cowboy, I'm watching from above.
Dad and I bless you both with love.

We wish you joy and happiness this day,
Remember we will always be with you in a special way.

© 2000 by Karen Niemeyer
In Loving Memory of Torry and Garrett Tarrant


~ Precious Memories ~

Garrett Graduation

Love shines, father & son

Torry Graduation

Left - First Day of School
Right - Garrett loved baseball

A visit to Daddy's work

Cindy and Tom Tarrant
Mom and Dad
Grandma & Grandpa
Holding precious memories......in their heart and soul

"I am thankful to our beloved Father in heaven for each & every one of these precious moments we were able to share with our Torry & Garrett.........They are missed more each day. As just a Mom & Grandma, I miss the sound of their voices & the soft gentle kisses upon my cheek. Breaks my heart, but we are doing the best that we can with the grace of God, family, & friends. We pray that by reaching out to others we will bring more awareness to individuals of the pain & heartache of the consequences of DRINKING & DRIVING. It takes just one time to drink & drive to destroy hopes, dreams, & families. We do pray that this will one day help save not only the innocent victims of drunk drivers, but the life of a drunk driver too."

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Dedicated to My Aunt & Uncle
Cindy & Tom Tarrant
In Loving Memory of Torry & Garrett
With Love by Trina L. Wells-Jones ©
 The "Star Of Life With The Red Rose" on the poem
above was designed by Michelle L. Hutson ©

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