~ Daddy's Girl For Always ~

They said I might look like Daddy
That's hard for me to know,
He always looked so big and strong
Never thought like him I'd grow.

But, oh I've loved him so
Because he's been my Daddy friend,
When I heard him at the door
That's when it would begin.

For I would pull him to his chair
And scramble on his knee,
Then look in all his pockets
For all he had for me.

He'd blow raspberries on my cheek
To make me giggle so with glee,
Then lift me on his shoulders
To take us for our tea.

I think every girl should have a Daddy
To make her world secure,
For there's lots of darling cherubs
A sad loneliness endure.

For some Mommies walk away
Or are so busy at their toil,
Overwhelmed with the cares of life
To look after a little girl.

But, God's watching from above
With eyes so full of love,
He always sees me as His treasured pearl
Forever safe as Daddy's girl.

Thank you Dad for all your love n' constant care


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007
God bless every Daddy

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