~ Daily Blessings ~

Reflections in mind's mirror
treasures, old and new
embrace me with warm sunshine
chase away...
the blues

His beauty all around me
am Blessed to have my eyes
capturing each moment
toward the skies

As I sit and ponder
thankful for my mind
with pen in hand I scribble
let scattered thoughts...

Each day has its Blessing
with sights,
the smells
and sounds...
thankful for my senses
life's pleasures...
I have found

Blessed to smell a flower
taste a kiss of rain
to see a summer rainbow
hear my whispered...

The tender words of lover
sweet music to my ears
conversation ~ closeness
throughout the year

Happy thoughts and laughter
ballet thru my mind
within each tiny crevice
are mem'ries...
safe and sound

The bond of friends and family
complete and make me whole
forever will be cherished
worth more to me...
than gold

Thankful for my being
I take some time to Pray
safe haven
from harsh elements
when troubles...
come my way

Days and nights of wonder
what will the future bring
His Plans for me are waiting
'n what will be...
will be

Blessed am I in breathing
although some days are grim
I look to higher power
place all trust...
in Him

Have fair share of heartache
as salty tears reveal
inner pain and turmoil
yet, Blessed...
that I can feel

I count up Blessings, daily
hug each and every one
smile in thought
just knowing
the best...
is yet to come

2008 Rose Marie Streeter

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