~ Daily Comforts ~

Sultry rays of sunshine
peeking through the clouds
to waltz in sacred harmony
their shadows 'pon the ground

Crayola colored flowers
the beauty of a rose
I breathe in sweet aroma
it's petals tickling nose

Trees dressed in awesome colors
leaves whisper to the wind
soon to sleep 'neath blankets
as Winter's wrath rolls in

Snowflakes dance a ballet
in gowns of purest white
bring a calm in silence
within the chill of night

Mountains wear their snowcaps
glisten in His light
picture perfect etchings
within my very sight

New life beneath earth's surface
will wake with sleepy eyes
reborn again to blossom
release their gentle sigh

Crocus peeking heads out
reaching for the sky
daffodils play hopscotch
with nature's lullaby

In the beauty of each season
His artwork on display
eyes feast upon the glory
presented me each day

It's moments like this I relish
all senses taking flight
I feel all comfy cozy
as spirit hugs me tight

When each new day is dawning
'n nature pays a call
embrace His ev'ry Blessing
in the wonder of it all

2008 Rose Marie Streeter

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