Up in the crowded NASCAR stands
are thousands of excited fans
Most are there to see one man
Earnhardt Jr., the greatest in all the land!

Anticipation builds and finally the race begins
dare devil NASCAR'S flying the winds
As the start flag goes down
burning rubber sears the ground

Roars of the crowd and motor revs blend
Most know Earnhardt's gonna win ...
with his record breaking speed
Dale Jr. is always in the lead!

He guns the motor, grips the wheel
Then he scratches off as his tires squeal
With his rebel spirit and balanced skill
He's off for his heart's ultimate thrill

Earnhardt glances and checks his tac
and never once looks back ...
knowing in his heart he rulz the track
for he's always leader of the pack!

Dale Jr. burns the track setting the pace
leaving the others behind to give chase
The Earnhardt racing spirit sets him apart
and he's a hero in every American's heart!

As Earnhardt makes his fast pit stops
his crew's the fastest and Nascar's tops
He's out of the pit in record time!
Yes! He'll hold his place in line!!

The racing spirit courses his veins
as he rulz the NASCAR lanes
Though other drivers never cut him any slack
Heyy!! Dale Jr. rulz the NASCAR track!

What every Earnhardt racing fan knows
they're three generations of winning heroes
It's the Earnhardt love of the race
and in our heart's they've taken first place

Masters at the wheels of race cars
they're a family of championship stars
and like his Father before him ...
Their stars will never dim

Dale Jr! Leader of the pack!

Barbara LaBarbera
Dedicated to Nancy,
 in loving memory
of her Grandson Chase
who loved NASCAR and Dale Jr.



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