The rain is falling
as softly as a wish
The gray mist enfolding us
quietly like a kiss

My heart hears
what yours has to say
Each beat repeating
I will love you always.

The silent voices of new love
with words as old as time
Hearts touching but only feelings,
unspoken lines

That first shuddering kiss,
heady as new wine
Your arms enfold me
as I welcome you with mine.

This dance is nothing new ,
yet it is to you and me
Where will this lead,
we both have yet to see

But when two hearts begin
to want and need
The dancer's will somehow
know who leads.

It may be me, it may be you,
we don't seem to care
The only thing that matters now
is that you're here

We hold on tight
and let the sparks begin to flare
Soon a raging fire,
as hearts will always dare.

The words start flowing now,
baby I love you
Your eyes are glowing
as you say you love me too

We're sure no one else
has ever felt as we do
This dance as old as time
now begins anew.

The sun seems so much brighter,
flowers blooming everywhere
Things I have never noticed,
suddenly become so clear

The moonlight on the water,
stars ever so near
A ring for my finger
so suddenly appears.

Now my Mom is making plans,
Daddy is not so sure
She's his baby girl no longer,
will she be secure?

So Dad watches them together,
sees their love so pure
He can almost feel their forever,
realizing he's been there before.

The invitations ordered
engraved with names and golden rings
Are selected with much care
as are the songs to sing

The day arrives with birdsong,
the sun brightly gleams
He loses not a daughter,
but from God a son he gains!

Karen Kelley


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