~ Dance ~

Look at that petticoat, ruffly and soft
With gown resting lightly and rosebuds aloft
The palest-pink velvet, held in midair
Dancing for faeries and other folk there

Look at the green on the scene, in the sun
Verdant, sweet stems appeal to everyone
How aptly, I note, they hold rose in embrace
Their little hairs, scratchy -- yet thorns, not a trace

I smell the faint perfume, as she dances by
Tainting the wind with her charm, let it fly
The warmth of the sun, yes it's on my face too
Rooted in place with, still... so much to do

Given the day, pray, given the hour
Gladly would I stand and gaze at this flower
God only knows when I'll have such a chance
To stand in the garden and watch that rose dance

Faerie's Heartsongs
T.R. Cardinet 02-17-10

...and should you and I
soon dance with the rose
upon pretty wing,
could we... suppose.....


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