Please Dance With Me

Promises of forever
hearts and souls as one
love, respect and cherish
until our days were done

Circumstance played leapfrog
'n things got in the way
our love misplaced, forgotton
was lost in life's decay

It seems like only yesterday
just how long has it been?
time slips by like seasons
weathered, discontent

Take me back to yesteryear
when life was so carefree
kisses 'neath the moonlite
carried 'pon a breeze

Help me to rekindle
lets start again, brand new
think back and remember
those days of me and you

The days we danced together
and held each other tight
whispered words of passion
when everything felt right

Each night was filled with music
made love from dusk 'til dawn
silhouettes of two lovers
wrapped in a favorite song

Dance with me again, my love
forget our cares and woes
hold me close and whisper
that you still love me so

Rose Marie Streeter 2006


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Beautiful midi "Because of You"
by Les Gorven 2005
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