~ Dandelions ~

I love those dandelions of gold
Just growing everywhere,
It excites me when I see them,
As I view them far and near.

Their little tousled yellow heads,
As bright as the sun above,
Framed in dark green leaves,
Creates a picture of love.

Love from the Father in heaven,
As He sends new life to earth,
And those little beauties so grand,
Can sure prove what they're worth.

They're tough little flowers that last
To decorate the fresh spring ground,
Waking it up from winters sleep,
That's why every where they are found.

God made them to be as they are.
He gave them the freedom to grow,
Just any where they want to.
The seeds He's already sowed.

Let's try not to complain too much,
When we see them pop thru ground,
Because where they are growing
Lot's of golden beauty can be found.

Betty Hill 2005

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