~ Daydreaming ~

Tell me what you see
When you gaze up at the sky
Do you see lovely ladies on clouds
Or do you see animals passing by.

Do you see the beautiful puffy clouds
They're shaped in certain ways
Just use your imagination
And wile away your days.

Daydream of floating on a cloud
Jumping from one to another
This is a way to escape the woes
To me there is no other.

Imagine you're riding a beautiful horse
Across the sky from here to there
Encountering other animals along the way
Having fun and not having a care.

So on those beautiful springtime days
See what the sky has in store for you
Kick back, relax and enjoy the clouds
You have such a spectacular view.


Chee Chee Martin 2005

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Clouds Photo by NillaVision

Graphic Set by Designer Lady

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An Original Composition


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