~ To My Dearest Loving Friend ~


I want you to know I love you like a sister
In the rain and when it shines
How can I put my love in words
So you will understand

I am so blessed now I have you
For you care so much for me
I learn from you about God's love
In the love you show so faithfully

You are to me a shining star,
To guide me when I feel alone
Now in the wonder of God's art
I know love as my home.

Our friendship's special all these years
I can't forget all that you send
So beautiful for me to read
My dearest loving friend

Every night, I say a prayer for you
As you help all who pass your way
You are a hand that I can hold
To be with Jesus every day.


Linda Ann Henry 2010
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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