Dear Friend, I'm Thinking Of You

The struggle in the pains of life
I cannot take
Nor relieve in anyway
But, I am here to listen
I will be here for you today

I cannot change all you may endure
But, I can stay and be your loving friend
as I so softly pray

I cannot come close enough
to whisper loving words
that you can hear
But, I can give my encouragement
In spirit, I will be near
I am here, I wanted you to know
God has brought us together
for this time
in His universe, He is with us
So we will never be alone
He is the love that is yours and mine


Softly Whispered from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

I have cried, says the Psalmist,
because thou hast heard me.
One would think
he should have said contrariwise;
thou hast heard me because I have cried;
yet, he says, I have cried because thou hast heard me;
to show that crying doth not always
go before hearing with God, as it doth with us;
but that God will not only hear our cry,
but also hear us before we cry, and will help us.
Thomas Playfere

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