~ Dear Jesus, Comforter And Friend ~

When we feel as if we're falling
Into darkness man creates,
Let's call the one who loves us
For none will He forsake.

Dear Jesus, Lord and Savior
Our comforter and friend,
Please stay with us forever
And help us to ascend.

It is hard for us to cope
In this world that we live in,
Your arms will shield us 'til
This over-whelming heartache ends.

Dear Jesus, guide us through the maze
We love You, heart and soul,
You are the one true God alone
Who wants us to be whole.

Dear comforter and friend,
Take hold our weary hand,
Please give us all Your strength
And bear us through the pain.

You can move the mountains high,
And calm the raging sea,
You can bring back hope
For us to always see.

Then, never need we fear,
As long as you are near
You place a kiss upon our cheek
While You whisper in our ear.

Thank you dear Lord Jesus
You will always keep us safe,
We know your smile is on us
Each morning as we wake.

Linda Ann Henry 2009
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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Artist....Greg Olsen

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