~ Dear Lord Jesus, Hear  Our Prayer ~

We who are weak,
thank You for making us strong
We who are sick,
Thank You for bringing us Your life
We who are poor,
thank You for giving us Your hope
Thank You for Your creative art
for bringing us Your light.

Dear Lord Jesus, we praise You for
Your love and ever present care
Thank You for the cross
Where You took our place,
to give us The Holy Ghost

We are humble, our tears
of love and gratitude wash Your feet
Forgive us if we are lost in the wilderness
Protect us from above
and let no evil come between our love.

Dear Lord Jesus, hear our prayer
Comfort us and lead us to heaven
We love You and want
Your holy heart, the smile from Your face
Thank You for cleansing us Lord Jesus
We know You hear all who ask
for Your Divine mercy and grace


Linda Ann Henry 2009
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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