~ Dear Lord Jesus ~

As I wake to see another dawn
A-pondering of life
Wondering what a day may bring
Beyond the dark of night

I pray then as I dream
On each moment to unfold
For treasure I may find today
All You would have me hold

A little rain may tumble down
As refreshment to my soul
If I run to shelter safe in You
Far from the chilling cold

A lovely ray of sunshine
May burst through to my heart
I will look to You with gratitude
For the way it shines upon my path

A pretty bird may come so close
And sing for me it's song
Reminding me of perfect love
And where my heart belongs

A lovely butterfly may alight
To flutter in my sight
And whisper of eternal days
When I will soar in flight

A tender breeze may softly blow
Sweet kisses on my face
Then I will listen for the Spirit's call
And praise You for Your grace

A pretty leaf, a snowflake
May twirl so gently to my feet
My heart will beat for how You died, to live
To give me everlasting peace.


Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

If a child is in its father's arms,
nothing can touch it without that father's consent,
He will always suffer the harm first in his own person, before he allows it to reach his child.
If an earthly parent would thus
care for his little helpless one,
how much more will our heavenly Father, care for us!
[whose love is infinitely greater and whose strength and wisdom can never be baffled]
He, who counts the very hairs of our heads and suffers not a sparrow to fall without Him,
takes note of the minutest matters that affect the lives of his children,
and regulates them all according to His perfect will.

Hannah Whitall Smith


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