~ A Dear Old Friend ~

As I was out and about today
I ran upon a dear friend
One I'd not seen in many a year
But on whom I could always depend

We'd began school as children
Two best pals in the world
Nothing or no one came between us
We were two very close little girls

I did not recognize her at first
As the years had not been too kind
As we greeted each other with an embrace
I could see by the lines on her face

She was much older than her years
The signs on her face did say
I could hardly hold back my tears
As we walked along our way

You see, she said to me
My family is no longer here
They were in New York on 911
And simply disappeared

I wonder each day that I live
Why had I been spared
Unless I have a task to do
For the Mighty God we share

My dear, search for your meaning
Every day that you're blessed to live
When you know, then do it for Jesus
And all of your praises, to Him only, give!

Life is short at it's longest
So make much of every year
Count them as blessings from him
Life is a gift very dear!


Betty Hill

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