I'm A Dedicated Soldier

I'm a dedicated soldier, serving the country that I love,
Protecting family and friends, while believing in God above.
I travel far and near, where ever duty may call,
I am proud to be a soldier, and for that I stand tall.

I may not be a hero, to anyone, but my family,
The ones that should I fall, at my graveside will grieve for me.
I don't expect you to know my name, but back at home they do,,
But what I do want you to know, is I fight for everyone of you.

Every soldier's medal, is the heart of courage that they wear,
In boot camp with strangers, is where they learn to care.
Everyone there will soon, become more than just a face,,
Friendships will form, it has nothing to do with race.

This war will make men, out of the boys who were here,
Put them in uniforms, and supply them with proper gear.
Send them out into, battle fields, filled with blood,
Where they will crawl through rain, snow or mud..

Many sleepless nights, no blankets or beds,
We use a issued helmet, to protect our heads.
I don't know if I'll ever make it home again, to see my family,,
But I can tell from all the letters, they are really missing me.
I'm a dedicated soldier, fighting for the USA,
Defending my country, to whatever harm may come it's way.
I must protect my family and my country too,,
I'm a dedicated soldier to the Red, White and Blue.

I know God is always with me, as I fight to defend our land,
The cause of this war, well I might not understand.
Whatever the reason, whether it be right or wrong,
I'm a dedicated soldier, and I have been all along.

Brenda D King 2005
Dedicated to: William Gerald McClanahan

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