~ A True Dedicated Soldier Of God ~

I knew what I wanted at an early age;
I wanted to be a true dedicated soldier of God;
I gave my life to him those many years ago;

In boot-camp I learned to exercise my faith,
The Holy Bible was my code of ethics;
I eagerly searched the scriptures,
And thirsted for more.

With the help of the Holy Spirit,
I developed skills and understanding
And knew what was expected of me
As a soldier of God.

He is my Commander and Chief;
He sent His only Son to us, to oppose
Those forces that fought against His Father,

I knew Jesus was sent to contend against
Lucifer, the fallen one who contested God;
He strongly rebuked Satan.

Michael and the angels, under his command,
Fought the dragon and his angels,
The dragon lost the battle and was
Forced from heaven.

The great dragon, the ancient serpent,
Called the Devil, or Satan,
The one deceiving the whole world
Was thrown down to the earth
With all of his angels.
Revelations 12:7-9

There is a war to be fought;
We are the infantry;
We have the Lordís great strength;
We possess His qualities;

As soldiers we are not fighting against people,
Against flesh and blood; we are at war against
Those great strengths of darkness who
Dominate this world;

We are engaged in a battle
Against unrighteous spirits in the
Heavenly realms;

I am a true dedicated soldier of God;
I am standing my ground!
I wear Godís sturdy belt of truth;
I wear the armor of Godís righteousness;

I am loyal to my God;
I am dependable, and capable;
My feet are fitted with the preparation
Of the Gospel of peace
That comes from my code book,
The Holy Bible;

Godís word has fully prepared me;
I am a soldier of God
Doing His will from my heart;
I will not retreat!
I am a true dedicated soldier of God;

Above all, my faith sustains me;
It is my suit of armor;
My headgear is my salvation,
And I carry the sword of the Spirit,
Godís Holy Word

With humility, I pray asking
God's assistance as I fight for all that
Is holy, true, honest and right;

I will stay alert; I will be persistent;
And when I die, I will die in service
To my God.
He has promised me a crown of righteousness,

I am a true dedicated soldier of God;

Ephesians 6: 10-18

© Janice B. Marler
July 28, 2008



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