Joyeux Anniversaire de Mariage

~ Deep In My Heart ~

Deep in my heart, is where you hide
No one can see you, but you and I
In every season, year after year
I can feel your heart, so very real

Deep in my heart, your face I can see
You will always live, in my memory
Never do you age, or ever change
Deep in my heart, my love ever stays

Deep in my heart I feel your soul
You shine for me, like diamond glow
Never do you let me go
I see you in the meadow and in the lake
You are in every garden
Every rose that I take

Deep in my heart, love
I can hold you close
No one else can see you
It is you, I care for the most
And when my time is ended
Up to heaven I will fly
So I can finally find you...
No more will you hide.


Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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