So amazing every year
Just to see Godís colors dear
Red, orange, purple and brown
Delightful colors take away my frown

Gold and silver streak the sky
Of slate blue makes one sigh
Pumpkins and apples, oh those pies
Homemade, make quite a surprise

Sunflowers the last of the flora
First light of day is the aurora
Autumn scents fill the air
Fall cleaning now we prepare

A different wardrobe for the season
Gives us change and a reason
For warmer clothing, scarves and socks
Summers last flowers fill my window box

A wreath of dried leaves upon my door
Of which I found on my garden floor
Pressed in a book with waxed paper
Fixed with an ornament of jasper

Enjoy this autumn season with Godís love
All good things come from His heaven above
Dear Lord keep all trespassers from our door
Your blessings and love are forevermore

© Joyce Ann Geyer 2007
Poet N My Sol

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