The Desire Of My Heart

Do you know what I desire
More than all else in the world
Could it take so many guesses
To know what has my heart in a whirl

Could it be of mountain high
Or a secret little nook
Walking trails of paradise
Or curled up in a book

Visiting someone very special
Sharing a cup of tea
Wishing my dearest friend
Lived next door to me

Singing harmony of sheer delight
Paddling in a babbling brook
Immersed in a beach sunset
Gazing for the longest look

Soaring high from place to place
Or pottering in a garden glade
Finding rainbows filled with promise
Reveling in all God made

Snuggling warm in the gentle arms
Of my precious lover
Never needing to be hurt
But close with every sister, brother

Yes you guessed, so many sweet desires
And all play such an important part
Of how I long to be immersed in
The eternal love of my Lord Jesus heart


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

How very blessed am I to know beautiful hearts who
I never have to say goodbye to.



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