~ Diamonds In The Night ~

Sleep has eluded me once again
Because the snow has created its own light
The night time sky is like the day
The sky is ever so bright.

And as I sit here quietly
So as not to disturb anyone
Sounds like pebbles are hitting our roof
The sleet has arrived and begun.

It's blanketing everything in my sight
Covering all with a sheet of ice
The moon makes everything sparkle like diamonds
Making everything resemble a paradise.

The sounds at times are so deafening
One more reason sleep has eluded me
I sit here and gaze out the patio window
And whisper, 'what a sight to see.'

When daylight comes everyone will see
Such a beautiful glistening sight
They'll wonder what happened as they slept
What took place throughout the night.


Chee Chee Martin   December 21, 2005

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