~ Did You? ~

Jesus did you die for me?
What was it like?
Please, do tell me.

Jesus did you have to suffer?
For my family,
And for my brother?

Why did you hang there
On the cross
Was it because, we all were lost?


Wish I could have
Helped you down
Off that cross, onto the ground

I would have dressed
Your wounds, and then
Kissed away the hurt again


Jesus were you born to save?
And did you,
In a manger lay?

Was there a star,
A guiding light
To bring us to you, on that night?

I see you didn't really die
You now live in Heaven
Within the sky


You loved me when,
I knew not the way
You gave it all, on Christmas Day

Jesus did you die for me?
Thank you Lord
For loving me


Jesus when I
Come back home
I know I'll never be alone

Jesus did you ,
Save my place
Within your kingdom, full of grace?

Because, I cannot wait
To see your face!


Debbie Looney 12/15/2006

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