Does God Know?

Does God know what's in my mind?
Does God hear my silent prayer?
And, if I truly seek, will I find
The love God wants me to share?

There may be much I'll never know
As I struggle to make sense of my life.
Is the path I take the right way to go?
Is there reason for sadness and strife?

Others around me have faith so strong.
They do not wonder or have any doubt.
They seem to know the right from wrong
And understand what life is all about.

Does God realize I'm trying to learn
What it is He wants me to know?
What does it take His blessings to earn,
As down His chosen path I daily go?

I know that God is hope and He is love
As this He told to me many years ago.
Now I ask for His guidance from above.
Show me, dear Lord, the way I should go.

Kay Brewer 04-08-06


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