~ Please Dear God Do Not Recycle Me ~

Please dear God, whatever you do,
Do not recycle me,
Once down here is enough;
People hate each other;
Love is difficult for them to see,

I watch them go to gather,
With their fellow man,
In congregations big and small,
No sooner has the minister finished his prayer
And the fold say amen
Before the gossiping, and the deceptions begin;
The world, at large, is a witness,
They are appalled by it all,

"And they call themselves Christians?"
Is the question of the day;
Dear God I am so sorry for my sins,
Therefore I hope you can find it in your heart
To forgive me Father,
I know you can see
That I don't want to come back here to live,
So please dear God, do not recycle me.


 Janice Bumbalough Marler 2005

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