~ Don't Ever Think ~

Don't ever think that I don't need you,
that your life doesn't matter to me.
You have blessed me in so many ways,
made me feel the ecstasy.

Don't ever think I don't need you
or appreciate your simple words.
Even though miles separate us,
your love is known, your voice heard.

Don't ever think that Heaven
would be the same without you.
I will always want our friendship,
there is so much I want us to do.

I may send a poem, cross your wave length,
send you a few words each day.
You might sing me a song
you wrote somewhere along the way.

Just think what fun we'll have in Heaven,
think of the places we will see.
But don't ever think I don't need you
I still need you here with me!

by Beulah Marie Starr 2008

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