I ambled in a dream along a forest path
I sang distractedly, a deep joy within myself
Musing of you.. pondering on the wonder of life
When suddenly a drop of rain, there upon me fell

Quickly then, I stepped aside to shelter
Drawn into the branches of a tree
And feeling just a little weary
I leaned upon the gnarled bark, and sighed contentedly

A wind began to stir, rustling in the leaves
I reveled in the refreshment, so sweet upon my lips
Soft little raindrops, I heard each gentle drip
Every touch I felt, surely heaven-sent

And thus held in this wondrous joy
I laughed aloud with glee, and sweeping up my trailing skirts
I twirled there in the clearing
My heart about to burst

Eagerly I scooped leaves up, from off the forest floor
Just to share, tossing handfuls in the air
I licked dewdrops from a leaf
My soul without a care

Then high above me, the dark sky flashed with thunder
And the clouds began to part
I paused, the sun peeped through with light
To smile upon my path

And there, so very close, so near to almost touch
A treasure appeared like purest gold
I stared transfixed...
What secret would it hold

There in the heavens...the wondrous Hand of God
He danced with me, His life, His love impart
Then He left for me His promise...
Him and I forever
A double rainbow in my heart

Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

When there is enough dark clouds
only then can we see the rainbow.


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Image used with permission from Comteche

Midi from Taitai Studio