~ Traveling Down The Road ~

As I travel down the road of life
I'm searching from within
Am I where I should be?
Or do I have to start again?

Am I fulfilling my goal in life?
Have I tried to reach out?
Was I successful in touching someone?
Or did I leave them in doubt?

Did I try to help someone?
Or did I just walk away?
Did I pay any attention?
Or did I think there'd be another day?

As I travel down the road of life
Encountering so many tasks
Am I blindly going through each day?
Or am I just wearing a mask?

Obstacles have been put before me
Did I conquer them or walk around?
Can I face myself in the mirror?
Or did I seek a higher ground?

So many questions I ask myself
The answers forever elude me
My actions all have consequences
But I'll never know to what degree.

As I travel down the road of life
Am I going the wrong way?
Did I make a wrong turn unknowingly?
Will I eventually have to pay?

The answers have always been right here
I've just refused to listen or look
All I ever need to know
Is in the Bible - The Good Book!

Chee Chee Martin 5-14-05

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