~ Do You Remember Me ~
On a night in November, when the stars were out
My daughter was born,
I kissed the heavens for giving me an angel of my own.
She was so beautiful and loved
I could hear all the angels play music from above
as my tears washed away my pain,
I have an angel of my own.
I will always remember this gift of love
God makes beautiful things, out of caring and kindness.
I will help my child to remember
How to open her wings and fly
To bring happiness and never ask why,
I am blessed with an angel of my own.
Where ever I go, where ever I have been
I can hear your voice, calling on the wind.
I love you my darling daughter
You have no need to fear.
I send you a whisper of love, I wish you were near
I wanted to raise you, to share in all you did
I never smiled, I only have my love to give.
I would have liked to dry your tears
I would have liked to see you once,
To whisper words, so you would know I care
I hope you are wanted,
By the strange woman I gave you to
I am the one who whispers,
How very much I love you.
I love you today
It is as though you never went away,
I see you when I wake up
And kiss you at night,
I see you in the stars
And hope you are all right.
You are my angel of love
I hold you oh so tight
with my last prayer,
I hope you will be there
when I turn out the light.


Linda Ann Henry  2004

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