Do You Remember?


~ Do You Remember ~

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood
A wonderful day in the neighborhood
Won't you be my friend forever and ever
Won't being dear friends make life good.

Oh I remember Old Mr. Rogers
And good ole captain Kangaroo
I remember watching Captain Penny
And school field trips to the local zoo.

I remember watching Marcus Welby
James Brolin was just so very fine
I remember seeing Leave it To Beaver
And to us Super heroes were kind.

I loved to watch the cartoons then
They always gave us quite a laugh
Like Yogi stealing picnic baskets
Or the roadrunner going by fast.

The shows had family values too
They were about everyday life
It was not all about cheating one
Fierce competition or mental strife.

Life was about helping your neighbors
When they were down and maybe out
Giving what you could spare then
Was what it was truly about.

So what happened to the simple life
Where hurry was not in our day
When we had time to stop and visit
And with our children took time to pray.


Sandy Edwards 11-08-2006

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