Take me back my darling
To when we parked the car,
Right up near the ocean edge
On the asphalt ledge
To dream beneath the stars.
That car was all I had
Between me and daily rations
I blew all my savings
But you forgave my cravings
To humor me in my youthful passion.
You would snuggle up real close
On bench seats that were neat,
We'd listen to waves lapping
And I'd play act that I was napping
While we cuddled on the seat.
We had our dreams to treasure you and I
Of how we'd be in love forever,
My most beautiful girl
In all the world
Wonderful would be our life together.
We'd get ourselves a block of land
Though we wouldn't need so much,
A veggie patch
Some hens to scratch
For passels of fun like the Brady bunch.
Then you'd say, Come on lets walk
To see what we can see,
We'd splash and paddle in the briny
And gaze up at the moon so shiny
Making highways on the sea.
Then we'd remind ourselves it's getting late
And meander back to our dreamy machine,
Sad another night had to close
As too fast it goes
But they would surely ask,
 Where have you been.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission

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