~ My Dream Garden ~

Long ago, oh way back when...
I had such a lovely dream,
All about my Auntie's garden
Things never as they seem.
Peering over her back fence...
a secret world came into view,
I opened wide a picket gate
And tentatively stepped through.
My feet took me far away...
 over old mossy cobblestones,
I glanced this way and that
Excited to be so all alone.
So I twirled and I danced...
birds singing fancy free,
Squirrels bounced up to chirp hello
Fruit dangled ripe from every tree.
I spied the tinniest frog...
hopping with joy among the leaves,
I followed his every wriggle
To his pond within the reeds.
Two white swans came drifting by...
serene and pearly white,
I reached to stroke their pearly necks
Oh, they flapped their wings in flight.
Honeysuckle curled around the arch...
with cute caterpillars to see,
Dewdrops sparkled on the lilies
All of this put here for me.
The sun shone warm, on rosebud velvet...
unfurling delicate hue,
Fluffy clouds formed friendly shapes
I lay smiling, in soft azure blue.
I munched on golden gooseberries...
and sucked the morning glory,
Then hid in the cubby under the hedge
Where I told ladybird her story.
Soft bunnies scrambled on my lap...
butterfly kisses tickled my cheeks,
The fountain gushed with raspberry bubbles
In my paradise of delightful treats.
My softest friends and Jesus...
were all that wanted me,
But then pop, my eyes awoke
Another day was here to see.
I wished my dream could go on for always...
such was its pure delight,
But now I visit my heavenly garden every time
 I shut my eyes at night.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission

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