~ The Dream Rides On The Storm ~

So much of you is hid in me
A oneness but a light apart,
Each heart beat drumming out of all
That glows within our heart.
A warmth to every part
Of life that we can share,
Reflected by the way we care,
A bridge across the gulf
Between the me and thee
And all that hinders us to be,
Nothing wedged between
To push aside
Eternal hope that gives us wings
Lifting our flight on high,
Of faith from where our strength shall lie.
Within our soul,
Drawn from above
The source of everlasting love,
To mirror life
Upon our journey
Into light
Not on self, but God depend
Then running free
In any storm to be
A trusted friend
Of life and truth to thee.


Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Oh, that we could see
The power of eternity
Closing in upon this world
Power coming from above
Preparing for the One we love
Where trusting hearts will jump with glee
As those in bondage are set free

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