Jesus in the Clouds


~ Dreams Can Come True ~

We all have a dream in our heart
To fill the emptiness of the soul
That dream can come true if we follow
The Master who can make us whole

Follow the steps of the Savior
Take directions from His Holy Word
In your quest keep on traveling
And trusting in the dear Lord


Nothing worth having comes easy
Yet nothing is too hard to achieve
Be strong, keep courage, keep going
And have the faith in your heart to believe

Faith in God is much greater
Than all of man's knowledge and skills
Faith in your heart moves you upward
And gives wisdom to search for God's will

Follow the path up life's mountain
To the place with the cool crystal stream
Plant your feet on the rock of salvation
And there you will soon find your dream


Climb, Oh climb up that mountain
Keep on though the going gets rough
Climb 'til you've reached the top of the peak
And you hear God say 'that's enough'

Then the gates of that city will open
With a welcome sign made just for you
There Jesus the Savior is waiting
To make all of your dreams come true


Yolanda Cohen 2006


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