~ Dreamweaver ~

The day had finally ended
sweet dreams awaited me
stars and moon were shining
whispered me to sleep

Atop the clouds I floated
ne'er once to be afraid
dragons lived in castles
streets with gold were paved


In a field of flowers
were creatures having fun
this place was so unusual
round and round I spun

Captivating mermaids
'n dragons floating by
little elves 'n unicorns
waltzing on clouds high

Everyone was happy
in this magic land it seemed
love and smiles abundant
t'was such a lovely dream


I danced amongst the flowers
feeling calm, carefree
warmed with lots of sunshine
so peaceful was this dream

Awoke to find it raining
curtains swayed with breeze
pulling up the covers
I drifted back to sleep

Behind my lids in fantasy
dancing 'cross the sky
butterflies 'n Angels
flitter, flutter by


Fairytales in motion
forever will be mine
weaving dreams in slumber
when the sun goes down

Come with me and venture
where life goes on and on
o'er mountain tops 'n rainbows
are childhood dreams reborn


Rose Marie Streeter

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Geoff Anderson  

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