~ Drill, Baby, Drill ~

Each one of us, is to blame
For the Gulf oil spill
We could end our dependence
But, seems like we never will!

We keep voting in officials
Who are paid off by big oil
To keep all of us, using it
No matter, what it may spoil.

BP is not the only culprit
All those companies are the same
Making billions off us
Playing, their dirty game.

Coal companies are no different
They ruin our lands, lakes, and streams
Pollute our air, let miners die
And deny, their dirty schemes.

Fossil fuels will be our downfall
And, we don't seem to care
As long as we can drive
Our cars, from here to there.

There are myriads of ways
To get our power and our fuel
We won't demand the changes
And play, the corporations, fool.

As long as we listen to them
And, let them buy/control our laws
We will always get the short end
And will never fix the flaws.

They say, they'll pay the damages
Does anyone, think that's true?
In one way or the other
It will be paid, by me and you!

We must try to find some leaders
Who aren't corrupt, bought and sold
We must demand, they do us right
(Should we dare, to be, so bold!)

"Drill, baby, drill!", the mantra
Mine, and desecrate, the land
Kill off wildlife and fisheries
How much more, can we stand?

We'll get what's coming to us
As long, as we stand idly by
And, we will never change things
If, we don't have the guts, to try!

~ * ~

Del "Abe" Jones

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Composed by Enya
Sequenced by Johannes Karhula

Brought to you by www.spiritisup.com 2010