~ Each New Day Is A Gift ~

At times in our lives
Complacency we may allow to enter in,
So we don't see the True Beauty
And Rich Blessings
That He assuredly sends.

Like the beauty of the sun
Rising in the Cerulean blue sky,
Birds chirping their song
To welcome the new dawn rising on high.

Each New Day a true Gift
He so richly bestows upon us,
One to accept with a grateful thankful heart
And not with eyes closed and unseeing
Of the Beauty and Joy in a world of God's art

As we allow busy hurried schedules,
To keep us from joyous appreciation
And enjoyment of morning Communion to share
With the One, who we should always remember
And keep close in our hearts and prayers.

Each New Day is truly a Rich Blessing and Gift
One to cherish and hold from our Savior
To lovingly give thanks
And always keep pressed
Within our hearts memory banks.

Yes, Most Loving Heavenly Creator
All the Beauty around me,
Each New Day, I now see as a gift
And all the Many Blessings
And rich beauty, You surround us with.

I lift up my prayers with a Very Grateful
And Most Loving Heart,
For Your Presence always, as You everlastingly send
The blessing of Your beautiful world,
My Loving Family and all my Caring Friends.

Beverly Calhoun 2005

It does seem very sad,
that it takes a devastating occurrence
to sometimes, make us truly see our life,
the people we are Blessed to have surrounding us,
and the Beauty of His Wondrous World,
with a Joyous Heart of Thankfulness for all He has,
and still continues to do, for Us.

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Midi "Prayer" by Yuko Ohigashi
2003 used with permission