~ Precious Early Morning Moments ~

As the earth slowly wakes,
Iím alone with my dreams,
the sun is just rising,
the airís fresh and clean.

I savor the coffee
that is warm in my cup.
I hear the birds singing
ďItís time to get upĒ.

These few precious moments
at the start of each day,
are the moments I treasure,
it is my time to pray.

I give thanks for the beauty,
for my family and friends,
for the blessing of life,
for joys without end.

I walk through my garden,
feel the earth on my feet,
touch the life that is blooming
from the tiniest of seeds.

Yes these precious moments
though brief they may be
are the moments I treasureÖ
for a while, I am free.

 Forrest Phelps-Cook
© 2005
Reflections From The Heart


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