~ An Easter Blessing ~

I give thanks at Easter to God above
I feel blessed to have all His great love
I thank you Jesus that on this day
I can hear birds sing and watch the trees at play

Thank you My Lord for taking away my sins
For dying for me and helping me see
All the beauty that the world can be

Thank you for giving me my life
For friends I know and freedom to be
Whatever You want, to make it so

An Easter blessing is air I breathe
Loving others when they are in need
A hand to hold, a gentle hug
Taking of my heart
To give You back all my love

My hair blowing in the wind
The waves of the ocean I always take in
You have been so kind
When I feel You on your cross
I know how You died for me
Yet when You rose the angels sing

Peace be with me and friends so dear
To stand on the earth another Easter year
I am grateful for You creating me
I see a light from heaven and in that light
Thank you for giving what I know of my life

Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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