I'm seeing green everywhere I look
And I do believe that's a giggle I hear
I'm seeing lots of itty-bitty footprints
Could that mean there's a leprechaun near?

Try as I might to get one cornered
He always eludes me
I've searched and searched for this little rascal
But he's too quick for me to see.

Rumor has it if you capture one
You'll be rewarded with a pot of gold
I'm here to tell you I've tried everything
I've looked every place I've been told.


Such elusive little creatures they all seem to be
Shhhhhh, I think I hear one giggle
I see some movement from the corner of my eye
Drats! He's free with a kick and a wiggle!

Once again he slipped right through my fingers
The pitter-patter of little feet is all I hear
Now a giggle, a click, a shuffle of feet
And again he disappears!

I do believe he's having such fun
And it's all at my expense
So I'm giving up this hide-n-seek
Because it's making me nervous and tense.


Chee Chee Martin 2005

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