Thank You's are not necessary,
For all the email I send your way.
Email is such a treasure,
That can brighten up your day.

It may just be a really sweet hello,
Or a joke to make you smile.
It may be a greeting card,
But it makes the time worth while.

Email may come from round the world,
Or just the good old USA.
But it seems a lot of folks out there,
Have something nice to send or say.

You may be a Friend of mine,
On earth I'll never meet.
But I'll see you in heaven someday,
We'll sit at the Master's feet.

So let me keep your inbox full,
With jokes and cards and things.
I can even send an e-card,
That opens up and sings.

It's another way to show we care,
So keep on clicking send.
You never know just when you'll meet,
Another email FRIEND !!

Brenda King March 2007

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