~ An  Empty Chair ~

The house is all too quiet
No voices to be heard
No pitter patter of little feet
No sound, not even a word.

Three chairs are pushed away from the table
One still remains in place
Three settings for breakfast can be seen
But there is an empty space.

A loved one has been taken away
Three hearts are completely broken
Silently they sit in church
Words stuck in their throats, unspoken.

Upon returning to their home
They look at an empty chair
Tears silently roll down their cheeks
As they quietly stand and stare.

Their lives right now are full of grief
Sorrow is all they know
Time will eventually heal their wounds
A pain that grasps their souls.

A voice silenced way too soon
But these hearts will console each other
Crying, holding, and grieving so
They'll be there for one another.

Years will pass and they'll continue on
Recalling memories they're willing to share
Everything that meant something
Even this empty chair!

Chee Chee Martin 2006
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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